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Revamped !

Ahhhhhh finally I get around to actually making this blog, my supposed main blog *cackles* not looking like complete trash. I spent a lot of time redoing everything for this blog and I hope to keep up with it and put out regular updates instead of updating it every six months or whatever I was doing before. XD … Continue reading

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Again, I’m going to say that I’m terrible at updating this blog since it’s technically my “Main Blog”, so it’s way easier just to follow my stories instead that I still update. The Black Occultist still isn’t being updated, I don’t think I ever will update it. I’ve lost too much content for that story … Continue reading

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Well, it’s been exactly 6 months since I’ve put an update here, I figured it needed one XD I’m really bad at updating this site, even though this is my “Main” blog, but if you don’t already follow my stories, I suggest following those, too, since those are updated a lot more than this site. … Continue reading


More Updates

I’ve finally begun Generation 3 of The Insane Dubois Legacy. You can read the new updates here: Generation 3, Chapter 1 Generation 3, Chapter 2 Also, I’m still making poses. I’ve recently uploaded a “Daddy’s Little Girl” pose pack and I’m quite pleased with it 😀 You can DL it and view more pictures of it here: … Continue reading